Festivals of Fire

In winter folks seek warmth, physically and spiritually. We want to snuggle down and be lifted up by religious celebrations. These festivals of fire express the most ancient of human longings, which is for meaning. They teach us that life’s purpose though comes from struggle … read more.

Epiphanies of Possibility

The Boston Children’s Chorus joins us to celebrate the advent of Awe. Our expression “awe” is rooted in the Greek word áchos which also gives us the word ache. That vastness we experience in awe opens an ache in the heart, and by doing so, … read more.

We Gather Together

My old friend and classmate, NPR’s Robert Krulwich, once worked together with me on researching what the first Thanksgiving was really like. The terrible truth is there was no turkey at the first Thanksgiving and it wasn’t a jolly, family affair. But there was a … read more.