Silver Linings

There is much to be anxious about, many clouds in our world. Let us learn to make the best of it by finding the silver linings in those clouds, working to heal ourselves and our world by our own efforts.

We will be gathering online on … read more.

Getting Wise

“Do you know what Wisdom is?” asked the elder.
“No,” said the child.
“Ah,” said the elder. “Wise answer.”

We are learning and experimenting daily with new ways of creating community in the midst of this pandemic. How do we act in wisdom when the information we get … read more.

One Big Thing

We are here because
we dare to hope “the disciplined search for
truth and meaning” does not lead to a single
path, but to a vast interchange where truth meets truth, is forever changed and
then travels toward new and deeper places in the mind and heart. No, it … read more.