Animated by Vision

“Where there is no vision, the people perish,” is an oft-quoted biblical proverb. Vision comes from within us, yet is made real in the grit, grime and beauty of the world around us. What do you envision for your life, what do you … read more.

Water is Life!

We start the church year proper this Sunday with the traditional Water Communion service and festive Welcome Back Potluck. Please bring a small amount of water, either from a place of significance or from your tap, to contribute to our water … read more.

Eclectic Spirituality and the Future of Our Community

A recent Boston Globe article spoke of the rise of “eclectic” approaches to spirituality in which each person is free to write their own script, drawing from whatever traditions, beliefs, practices, and life experiences are meaningful to them.  Unitarian Universalism has long embraced this approach … read more.