Sabbath as Enough, Sabbath as Resistance

The harvest time of year is here, and so is Thanksgiving, when we fill up with food and family. And we are reminded to be grateful and aware of all we have. There’s something else that can teach us this lessons all year long- the practice of Sabbath. The choir sings today. Rev. Tricia with … Continued

The Welcome Mat

For the second year in a row, Neal Snow has won the “Choose the Sermon” Silent Auction item at the First Parish Annual Gala. And for the second year in a row, Neal has selected “The Welcome Mat” as the sermon theme. The beauty and power of a welcoming spirit and practice is indeed a … Continued

All Souls and All Saints: Let Us Remember

This time of year many spiritual traditions choose remember those who have died. In a simple service of remembrance, we will gather as community to name and call to mind those who have mattered to us and now are gone. Worship leader: Rev. Tricia with worship associate John Duff.