Remembering is Justice

Who gets remembered in the history books says a lot about who is valued. Who gets named says a lot too. This is true in the history of Unitarian Universalism as well. Let us reclaim the many people who have shaped this faith tradition, and who have been left out of our remembering. Today, we … Continued

Listening for Intent

Intention is the worship theme for January, and the start of the year is an apt time for setting intentions. Drawing from the work of Parker Palmer, we’ll explore the importance of listening to what our lives have to say about who we are, what values we embody, and what truth is ours to express … Continued

The Open Hand

On this last day of the year, we will let go of what needs to be relinquished and make room for what yearns to be born. This simple service will differ from our usual form, and all ages are welcome.