Paths, Destinations and Crossroads

    Special Anniversary Sunday Service A member since 2005 and serving for the second time as Chair of the Board of Trustees, Myles will share his thoughts about this special time in the congregation’s 388-year history and ideas about the future of First Parish Dorchester.  

You Are Your Decisions?

The man who could have become the richest person on the face of the earth lives not far away. He chose not to do it. When asked, he expressed no regrets. “You are your decisions.” When I reflect on my life, I’m aware of many decisions that have shaped my being. Most of them didn’t … Continued

Coming in and Out of Balance

What keeps a tree from tipping over? It’s roots, we would say. Yet maybe too it is its pliant branches and leaves that move with the wind.  We are forever seeking balance in our lives, and wisely so. What spiritual roots and flexible practices help us to be people who live in balance?