The Preacher is Curious

Yes, it is true that ministers are curious creatures- and that can be taken two ways- they might seem “curious” as in a little odd to some, and they are at best, curious about humanity, divinity, and all that lives between and among those two … read more.

Tender Curiosity

Mother’s Day is a full day for many. It can be brimming with joy and love, as well as sorrow and confusion. As many of us participate in the Mother’s Day Walk for Peace, let us come into the day with curiosity for what it … read more.

Curiosity and Our Covenant

Though the words curious and curiosity are not in the congregation’s Covenant of Right Relations, they are there in spirit. “Recognizing that all of us are unique individuals coming from different backgrounds”, as the covenant begins, is a statement about the reality of our diversity, … read more.