Rev. Tricia Brennan

With hope in our hearts, we run towards love

Worship Leader: Rev. Tricia Brennan Worship Associate Doug Shaheen

All ages welcome at next week’s Easter service when we sing traditional Easter hymns, bring fresh eyes and hearts to the 2000 year old story of Jesus’s life, death and resurrection, and celebrate enduring love.

The Question Box Sermon

Sometimes our questions show us what we value, what we are curious about, what we hope for. This Sunday Rev. Tricia welcomes your questions- in the general realm of faith and congregational life- and will answer them to the best of her ability. Let’s have … read more.

Our Shared Tomorrow

Our best tomorrows are reached by sharing fully in our todays. This Sunday marks the start of the annual Stewardship Campaign, when every member and friend is asked to pledge to the future of First Parish Dorchester. This is as much a spiritual … read more.

An Inner Journey

This Sunday marks the first Sunday of Lent, a period of introspection and spiritual preparation in the Christian year. Most faith traditions have such a time, marked by reflection, restraint of some sort, and renewal. What might such a time look like for a Unitarian … read more.

Sing Out Praises for the Journey

Poet Mark Nepo writes, “To journey without being changed is to be a nomad. To change without journeying is to be a chameleon. To journey and to be transformed by the journey is to be a pilgrim.”  Do we not seek transformation in this life, in this faith, … read more.

A Wise Trust

In these tumultuous times, where do we find the trustworthy in our society, and how to we build trust in the wider world? No easy answers, and all are needed to grapple with the questions and find our way to a wise trust.

A Sturdy Trust

Without trust, we live small stifling lives. With trust, in ourselves and others and possibly the divine, we can imagine and create a way forward founded on partnerships, possibilities, and promise. Trusting people create trustworthy congregations, and they do so not in grand gestures but … read more.

The Open Hand/The Open Heart

On this last Sunday of the year, we will let go of what needs to be relinquished and make room for what yearns to be born.

This simple  service will differ from our usual form, and will be held in the Allen Parlor.