Rev. Tricia Brennan

Mystery and Grace – Hidden and Here

December, the darkest month, often the busiest month, is not without mystery and grace, which are the spiritual themes for this month. Sometimes, though, we have to take a step back to see, hear, or feel these elusive realities. And sometimes they are found right … read more.

Comfort and Joy

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, while still in the month of November, offers a chance to pause and take a breath.

December, with all its expectations of good times and gift-giving and busyness, can land hard for some. What spiritual resources can we tap to help make … read more.

All Are Welcome at the Table

When we add a seat at the table for the newcomer, the stranger, the not-yet-friend, we are all blessed.

The choir will sing today on this Sunday before Thanksgiving.

For such a time as this…

Whatever the outcome of the mid-term elections on November 6th, we are likely to wake up the next day to a country still very much tense and divided. What is the responsibility for people of faith and congregation of faith to help heal this divide … read more.

Rested and Restored


The holy and ordinary sanctuaries in our lives offer us rest, safety, and comfort. We can want to stay in these places forever- but life and our faith calls us somewhere else. We are meant to rest and risk. 

You can read the … read more.

Living our way beyond…

This service will offer an opportunity to consider how we, as Unitarian Universalists, embody our principles during times of transition, letting go of barriers by opening our doors to the world.   Our lives are full of stories and these stories are the foundations of … read more.

Envisioning Forgiveness

Can you envision a world where forgiveness is sought and given as a normal part of life, a world where children are taught to forgive, not just by parents and teachers but by the example of all? Facing the truth that we’ve hurt others, or … read more.

Animated by Vision

“Where there is no vision, the people perish,” is an oft-quoted biblical proverb. Vision comes from within us, yet is made real in the grit, grime and beauty of the world around us. What do you envision for your life, what do you … read more.

Water is Life!

We start the church year proper this Sunday with the traditional Water Communion service and festive Welcome Back Potluck. Please bring a small amount of water, either from a place of significance or from your tap, to contribute to our water … read more.