Speaker: Rev. Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd

Widening the Circle

Our faith has long been grounded in the journey towards justice. We have sought to create communities that are mobilized towards changing the world. And yet, we know that the ideals of inclusion and justice that we espouse have not been met. How do we … read more.

Rage and Joy

Big, overwhelming feelings abound, especially right now. Some of us are more allowed to express them than others.
And how we express them matters. Let’s talk about how we can use rage and joy to fuel our work for change in the world! 

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Yes, And

What can improvisation games teach us about how to be in community? What can their rules and principles teach us that will lead up towards more innovation and creativity? Where can we affirm each other and our ideas more fully – adding on rather than … read more.

I Know Your Name

The debate over whether we are more good or bad has raged in the religious world for as long as humans can remember. Let us explore where our Unitarian Universalist tradition and the human goodness it proclaims leads us to greater integrity and resilience.

Spoiler alert: … read more.

Here’s Where I Stand

Showing up as your full, complicated, authentic self is essential to living a rich life. It is a lot easier said than done. It requires courage, integrity and vulnerability. It leads us towards the wholeness that we seek. Join us for this first sermon of our … read more.

For Longer Nights

On this solstice, as we move deeper into longer nights, let us celebrate darkness. Let us celebrate it in story and song, in fire and spirit. All are welcome to this multi-generational story-telling service, in which we will share the story “Sulwe” by Lupita Nyong’o, … read more.

Finding Balance

As we approach the time when the days and the nights are most off balance, how do we create balance in our lives? Physical balance has much to teach us about spiritual balance. Join us as we navigate the relationship between stillness and movement that … read more.

Blessed Rest

When the work seems so urgent and the stakes so high, how do we find the rest we need to keep going? How do we find sustainability in our movement work? How is self-care restorative and radical rather than self-indulgent? How can we create rhythms … read more.


What does mending and healing look like right now? When so much of our lives are upended and our new normal continues to wear on us, how do we repair ourselves and repair the world?

Worship leader: Rev. Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd
Worship assistant: Grace Lindsay-Parks

Social Hour to follow … read more.

Our Hands

So much is passed down from generation to generation. Within us we hold generations of joy and pain. Healing in an embodied way is justice work and deeply life giving. Join us as we explore how we might heal what is in our hands so … read more.