Speaker: Rev. Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd

Resilient Story

The term resilience has been used to justify or glorify trauma and oppression – but that is not the true meaning of resilience. Join us as we unpack what resilience really is, the power it can have in our lives and how to practice it … read more.

Cultivating Our Dreams

Belonging to a parish with as rich a history as ours is such a gift. We are the products of the hard work and gifts of so many who have cultivated this place into being. And now it is our job to continue cultivating their … read more.

We Are Resurrecting

As we emerge from the tomb of this past year, of the pandemic and of all of the other plagues we have been reckoning with, we are in a state of resurrection. We are in the process of becoming something new. Of transforming our whole … read more.

Return Each Year

Birthdays are an important time for us to take stock of who we are, where we come from and what we have learned. It is a time to evaluate how well we are actually living our values and what matters most to us. Our lives … read more.

One Year Later

Join us to commemorate the one-year anniversary of our commitment to one another by taking precautionary measures to limit the spread of Covid-19. It has been a year full of learning and loss. A year that has changed us. A year we will never forget. … read more.

Widening the Circle

Our faith has long been grounded in the journey towards justice. We have sought to create communities that are mobilized towards changing the world. And yet, we know that the ideals of inclusion and justice that we espouse have not been met. How do we … read more.

Rage and Joy

Big, overwhelming feelings abound, especially right now. Some of us are more allowed to express them than others.
And how we express them matters. Let’s talk about how we can use rage and joy to fuel our work for change in the world! 

For the video of this … read more.

Yes, And

What can improvisation games teach us about how to be in community? What can their rules and principles teach us that will lead up towards more innovation and creativity? Where can we affirm each other and our ideas more fully – adding on rather than … read more.

I Know Your Name

The debate over whether we are more good or bad has raged in the religious world for as long as humans can remember. Let us explore where our Unitarian Universalist tradition and the human goodness it proclaims leads us to greater integrity and resilience.

Spoiler alert: … read more.