Speaker: Rev. Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd

I Do Not Know

Life is about learning to live with a certain amount of uncertainty. But the level of lack of clarity of what is to come has skyrocketed in the last 18 months. And we do not know when this will shift. I, for one, am really … read more.

To the Sea

“All rivers run to the sea; but the sea is not full” – Ecclesiastes 1:7 

As we return from the summer and begin our church year anew, let us reflect on the journey of one river as it makes it’s way to the sea. The story … read more.

Full Bodied Joy

As we welcome the summer months and relish the beauty around us, let us create and feel the full bodied joy that fuels us. We cannot live a life of fullness unless we can feel our joy all the way into our toes. We cannot … read more.

Playing Pretend

Playing pretend can give us an empowering way to work through and express different parts of ourselves. It can also be the most disempowering and soul draining thing when it is forced upon us for survival. Join us as we celebrate the ways in which … read more.

Where Do We Come From?

We all have various origin stories – personal, familial, cultural, communal and cultural. Our origin stories can have a big impact on how we understand ourselves. How we interrogate or accept those stories matters. Join us as we explore the power of origin stories in … read more.

Resilient Story

The term resilience has been used to justify or glorify trauma and oppression – but that is not the true meaning of resilience. Join us as we unpack what resilience really is, the power it can have in our lives and how to practice it … read more.

Cultivating Our Dreams

Belonging to a parish with as rich a history as ours is such a gift. We are the products of the hard work and gifts of so many who have cultivated this place into being. And now it is our job to continue cultivating their … read more.

We Are Resurrecting

As we emerge from the tomb of this past year, of the pandemic and of all of the other plagues we have been reckoning with, we are in a state of resurrection. We are in the process of becoming something new. Of transforming our whole … read more.