Speaker: Lucas Gonzalez Milliken

The Voice

With so many disparate voices demanding our attention ALL the time, it is almost impossible to decide who or what to listen to. Yet there is a still, small voice within each of us that can offer wisdom and guidance. How do we pay attention … read more.

Whoever You Are

There are three pieces we say in every service at FPD, that begin with some familiar lines:
We welcome you, whoever you are…
Love is the doctrine of this church/home…
We will keep a place for you wherever you may go….

What do we mean, truly, when we recite … read more.

Rising Up

As we continue to move through this period of isolation, joy and hope may be increasingly hard to come by.

Yet there is an insistent call for us to continue to find ways to celebrate with each other, and discover ways to offer each other Life … read more.

Getting Wise

“Do you know what Wisdom is?” asked the elder.
“No,” said the child.
“Ah,” said the elder. “Wise answer.”

We are learning and experimenting daily with new ways of creating community in the midst of this pandemic. How do we act in wisdom when the information we get … read more.

Let Us All Be Free

The Emancipation Proclamation went into effect January 1st, 1863, declaring that all enslaved people would be “henceforth and forever free.” Yet it did not free all enslaved people. As we move into a new year, what are some of the ways we are kept from … read more.

For the Beauty of the Earth

As the days continue to get colder, and the nights longer, let us gather to offer warmth and light to each other. How can we move through the cold and dark in ways that feed and nourish our spirits, and welcome in the winter with … read more.

Faithful Connetions

At its heart, Unitarian Universalism is a counter-cultural faith. In a world that increasingly encourages complacency, fear, and isolation, our faith demands action, vulnerability, and authentic connection. How can we nurture this faith and each other in ways that truly do upset the status-quo?

Tender Curiosity

Mother’s Day is a full day for many. It can be brimming with joy and love, as well as sorrow and confusion. As many of us participate in the Mother’s Day Walk for Peace, let us come into the day with curiosity for what it … read more.