Speaker: Lucas Gonzalez Milliken

Faithful Connetions

At its heart, Unitarian Universalism is a counter-cultural faith. In a world that increasingly encourages complacency, fear, and isolation, our faith demands action, vulnerability, and authentic connection. How can we nurture this faith and each other in ways that truly do upset the status-quo?

Tender Curiosity

Mother’s Day is a full day for many. It can be brimming with joy and love, as well as sorrow and confusion. As many of us participate in the Mother’s Day Walk for Peace, let us come into the day with curiosity for what it … read more.

Boldly Visioning

Every week, we say “we welcome you, whoever you are,” to all who enter. What if we insisted on such radical hospitality in every single moment of our lives? Let us envision a world in which all people are truly and deeply welcomed for all … read more.

Practicing Radical Hospitality

How can we authentically live into the calls of Unitarian Universalism? What are the ways we can practice the radical hospitality we aspire to? And what makes Unitarian Universalism important to you in particular? All are welcome to explore these questions together.

Take Courage

What does it mean to be brave, or to act courageously? What are the things that frighten us, but that we face nonetheless? Join us as we invite answers to these questions from the young and young at heart. All are welcome to this intergenerational … read more.