Pink Envelope Sunday Update

 Congratulations First Parish, we raised $416.00 in November for the Greater Lawrence Disaster Relief Fund.  Over 7,000 residents in areas of Andover, Lawrence and North Andover have been without gas service and heat since the September 13 Columbia Gas explosions. This event killed one person and made hundreds homeless. Donations raised for this Fund support the short and long-term needs of impacted residents and businesses that have no gas service. The funds address shelter and sustenance need for these households and businesses, as well as connect those in need with additional support services by local social service agencies that can help.


As you recall, we started this monthly giving program in October and earmarked the donations in October for the Minister’s Help Fund.  Pink Envelope Sunday is the second Sunday of each month.  You can place your donation in the Pink Envelope in the collection plate (make checks out to First Parish Dorchester with the recipient name in the memo line). 


The Trustees voted to earmark the December Pink Envelope collection for the Found in Translation organization.  Found in Translation recently moved its offices from Cambridge to Dorchester. The organization helps homeless and low-income immigrant women unlock their multilingual potential by training them as medical interpreters and preparing them for good paying jobs at Boston’s prestigious hospitals and medical centers. For more information on Found in Translation go to


The recommendations for recipients of the Pink Envelope collections come from you, the congregationPlease send your suggestions for future recipients to Rev. Tricia at, including how you think the organization/group reflects UU values.


Ardis Vaughan, Chair of the Board of Trustees