COVID-19 Update

First Parish Goes Virtual on Sundays

Next service April 5 at 11:00 am

Join Us online:

Joining the service by computer or tablet
(recommended method – see below for cell phone or landline)

On Sunday, at 10:55am, from your computer or tablet:

  1. Go to
  3. If prompted, download or launch Zoom.
  4. If prompted, enter Meeting ID: 672 078 1668

To protect against “Zoom bombing”, you will be ushered into a “Waiting Room” until the service begins.

Problems getting into Zoom or out of the Waiting Room? Call or text Kit Binns 617-825-4544

Best practices after joinng:

  • The default is that are are muted except the presenter. If you need to be heard, unmute your end by clicking on the microphone icon in the lower left. Mute again when done..
  • If you don’t want your face to display, click the video icon off, to the right of the mute icon – but it is great to see all your faces!
  • Enter chat comments throughout the service as you wish.
  • Problems? For help, see note at the bottom of this message.

Joining the service by cell phone
If using your cell phone, click on one of these numbers, which includes the Meeting ID; you will need to hit an additional # as prompted:


Joining the service by landlineIf using a landline, dial any of these and enter the Meeting ID:        1 312 626 6799         1 646 558 8656         1 253 215 8782         1 301 715 8592         Meeting ID: 672 078 1668

In an abundance of caution, we believe that in order to protect the people of our congregation from COVID-19 we should suspend in person worship and religious education for the immediate future. This means we will not be gathering at the Meeting House on Sunday morning. Instead, we will broadcast a shortened service on Facebook starting at 11 am using the Zoom meeting software, as described above. We will include a time for all ages, meditation, and a short reflection.

We are acting partly in response to a suggestion from the Unitarian Universalist Association President, Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray who says in part, we strongly recommend that congregations avoid gatherings of more than 25 people, including worship and religious education, for the time being. We believe it is our moral obligation to follow the guidance of health professionals who recommend early action even before cases have been confirmed in an area because it is most important to protect public health and the most vulnerable people in our communities. This moment indeed reminds us of the interconnected web of which we are all a part. It also reminds us of our responsibility as religious communities to be mindful of our need to care for our whole community.

Overall, we feel it is essential for all of us to err on the side of caution and to support public health. The most important thing the public can do is to help flatten the curve of transmission so there will be hospital capacity for those who need that level of care. We also recognize that those at highest risk—people over 60 or anyone with underlying health or respiratory issues—are not just members of our congregations, but they are also our ministers and staff.

Let’s take care of each other,

Rev.Terry – Interim Senior Minister

Ardis Vaughan – Chair, FPD Board of Trustees