For details about the duties and responsbilities of the Trustees, Officers, and Committees, see  Bylaws of First Parish Dorchester.

2018-2019 Board of Trustees

2019 cohort: Myles Crowley (Delegate to Finance Committee), Julie Simmons (Co-Vice Chair), Julia Thompson Delegate to Membership Committee):


Myles                               Julie                                     Julia

2020 cohort: Marcia Hubelbank (Co-Vice Chair and Delegate to Personnel Committee), Ardis Vaughan (Chair):


Marcia                               Ardis

2021 cohort: Melissa Wender (Secretary), Dayo Hall:


Melissa                               Dayo

Anyone may use and to communicate with the Trustees about whatever issues might arise, in addition to using each Trustee’s individual contact information.

Other Elected Officers

Treasurer: Sherman Zemler Wu
Financial Secretary: Jenn Cartee
Clerk: Mary Elliff
Historian: Susan Lush
UUA General Assembly Delegates: Katherine Jenkins
UUA Massachusetts Bay District Delegates: Carol Daley-James, Patty Hart
UU Urban Ministry Delegates:Laura Maltby, Bruce Shatswell

Committees of First Parish Dorchester

In addition to the specific requirements set out below, all committees must include at least one member of First Parish Dorchester. There are many opportunities for non-member parishioners to participate and serve in committee work, but no committee can be constituted without a member of First Parish Dorchester.

Buildings & Grounds (Patty Hart)

Caring Committee (still in formation; contact Rev. Brennan)

Development (currently folded into Finance)

Finance (TBA)

Hospitality, &Fellowship Committee (Mary Fernandez-Buehrens)
Coffee Hour & Fellowship Dinners – Mary Fernandez-Buehrens
Greeters – Sandra Eddy
Other events – varies)

Membership (Julia Thompson)

Nominating Committee (Mary Elliff, Clerk)

Outreach & Marketing (Jenn Cartee)

Pastoral Care (Denise Wharl Marlin)

Personnel (Marica Hubelbank, Emily Lichtenstein)

Religious Education (Lucas Gonzalez Milliken (DRE))

Restoration & Expansion (temporarily dormant)

Social Justice (in formation)
Bowdoin Geneva Residents Association – Jen Johnson
Fair Foods – Jason
Through Barbed Wire – Dianne Zimbabwe

Worship, Arts, & Music (Rev. Tricia Brennan)
Aesthetics – Noel Currier & Myles Crowley
Intergenerational Worship – Lucas Gonzalez Milliken (DRE)
Music – Dr. Ana Sorina Popa (Music Director) & Tom Cunningham
Worship Associates – Rev. Tricia Brennan
Alternative Worships – not yet active)